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Pork Leg Pork Roast

Fresh pork legs make brilliant roasts with a wonderful layer of crackling. This is one of the most familiar cuts in Australia.


Pork Loin Chop

These cuts are fairly lean, tender and tasty. The whole loin can be sold rolled up and tied for roasting, or as pork loin chops. 


Nigel sources his pork  locally from Winkleigh Farm, located in the Tamar Valley. Nigel only sources meat from female pigs (sows) as the meat is sweeter and has a better flavour. 


Pork Belly

This meat is thickly layered with fat and very versatile. The belly is most commonly cut and sold as spare ribs but is also great for roasting.

Pork Shoulder

Usually sold as forequarter chops which can be easily marinated. This cut is slightly fattier than loin and retains more moisture during cooking - giving a juicier result at a lower cost.

Nigels Gourmet Products: Pork

Moisture Infused Pork

Moiture Infused Pork Steak

Is injected with a water and salt solution, this guarantees moisture and tenderness. The infusing process guarantees a tender and succulent piece of pork every time whether grilling, roasting or pan frying.





Nigel cures and smokes his own ham on the premises in Exeter using his own special recipe. This process takes approximately 50 hours depending on the size of the leg and ensures a flavourful and tender ham. Hams can also be boned and Nigel's provides sliced to order ham year-round.


Traditional Christmas ham can be ordered at any time of year, and during the festive season Nigel ships them statewide. 

Made from the loin of the pork, this is cured for 48 hours and then cooked and smoked on site at Nigel's Gourmet on Tamar. Here at Nigel's our bacon is sliced to order, giving the customer the choice as to slice thickness and ensuring freshness every time. 

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