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Leg of Lamb

Lamb Leg

One of the family favourites, nothing comes close to a roast leg of lamb. The leg can also be boned and butterflied with the meat opened out flat for grilling on the barbeque.

Loin Chops

Lamb Loin Chop

These little chops are the most tender cut of all and are full of flavour. 
Mum's favourite, and Mum knows best!

Nigels Gourmet Products: Lamb

Our Lamb is sourced from local farms, all hormone free and free range. We pride ourselves on buying the very best we can.

Barbeque Chops

4 1/4 Lamb Chops Forequarter

Chump Chops

Lamb Chump Chops

Known as forequarter chops, great for slow cooked stews and the barbeque.

Also known as leg chops. A meaty chop which is great for grilling.

Rack of Lamb

Lamb Rack

One of Nigel's favourites, this cut is particularly tender and juicy. If you want to impress, then a rack of lamb it is!



Lamb Cutlets

A rack of lamb which has been cut into chops. These can be crumbed or plain. 
A kids favourite, chops with handles they say!

Lamb Backstrap

The loin of the meat with no fat. Most tender of all, great for warm lamb salads or marinated on the barbeque. 
A MUST try.

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