Nigel's chicken is certified free range, growth promotant and hormone free.


Great for marinating and serving as nibbles. Can be barbequed or cooked in the oven with a minimum of fuss. Wings are also good to use for stocks and soups as they provide good flavour at a low cost.

Breast Fillet

Chicken breast meat is lean and tender as long as it isn't overcooked. It lends itself to poaching or baking, or can be cut into strips to make terrific stir-fries or be skewered for grilled or barbequed kebabs.

Thigh Fillet


Nigels Gourmet Products: Chicken

Thigh and leg meat is darker and has a more intense flavour than breast meat. This cut can be roasted or grilled and is especially good if marinated or rubbed with spices prior to cooking. These cuts are also ideally suited to casseroles.

A very versatile cut of chicken, drumsticks can be marinated, used in casseroles and can be boned out and stuffed before being baked in the oven. 


A simple family favourite. Whole chickens can be stuffed or given a spice rub before being baked in the oven and provide several different cuts of meat to suit the family.


Whole chickens can also be deboned and stuffed with a variety of fillings and stuffings. This gives an easy to carve chicken with plenty of flavour. 


Nigel also sells chicken frames which are perfect for making stock and pet food.


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